I Live Life to Fullest,Laugh Out Loud and Love all the More

Someday, my heart knows

We’ll be together everyday
We’ll make love all day
We’ll get to walk hand in hand
We’ll be lying in the sand
We’ll watch the stars above
We’ll show each other real love
I’ll hold on hope today
Because my heart knows, we’ll be together..someday

Somewhere I need to be

I need to be somewhere far, far away
Take me there, where nobody knows me
There, where I could start anew
Be my real self and not someone wants me to be
I need to be somewhere, a thousand miles
Beyond the seas and above the land
I need to fly somewhere, nonexistent
Somewhere in my dream..somewhere I need to be

Movie date with Nenskei


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Collecting memories worth treasuring

We can get this through

It’s always been you from the start
I just know, my mind and heart never part
They always have been wanting you
All this time, always have been you

We can’t choose whom to fall
When you are the one my heart calls
Distance won’t hinder the intensity
For what I’m feeling for you will last til eternity

Make my dream come true
Make me out of the blue
All I want is to be with you
I’ve faith that we can get this through

Quote of the Day: Reality and Dreams

If you want to fulfill your dreams then work hard on your reality

Quote of the Day: Crazy in love

When you’re inlove being crazy is understandable.

Simple Thank You

I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone who took the time in re-blogging, commenting, liking my post, 1756! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe, the project has been successfully done. And, it wouldn’t be as successful as it is, without all your help!

Especially to those, ‘new’ people and definitely those who have been there for me, ever since! Thank you, Thank you. I owe you everyone.. BIG TIME! I’ll make it up to all of you, in anyway I can. For now, please accept my humble thank you from my heart. xoxo. <3


Just Inspired

Someone will always make you smile,again
A smile that is real and genuine
That ‘inspired’ feeling will be back
You’ll know you are in the right track

I’m feeling it. That’s all I’m saying. I owe everyone to let you know, after all, WP community and friends, you’ve been supporting me for 3 years and counting. Thank you. I’m inspired, I’m happy, I’m..speechless! xoxo everyone!!

I can only Hope

If only I could, I really would
But I couldn’t so I won’t
All I can do is to hope
That it will be you

I’ll begin it with a prayer
Lets start it with His guidance
Let it flow naturally
Let it develop constantly

I do hope
I do wish
I pray
Yes, I can only hope