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Just another thought

I miss you all. But most of all, I miss someone deeply. 

Just another thought

I miss you all. But most of all, I miss someone deeply. 

Wish – Donna Cruz

When boredom strikes. I’ve recorded my voice, lol.. Please, don’t expect too much because I don’t have that golden voice and a lot of factors are affecting it. HAHA.. Well, this is just for fun, and it’s purely my voice with the keyboard. lol. I did something too, with my face on the video, but that’s a different story and that’s for someone special. Eeeeyyyt! <3 <3 <3 

Anyways, enjoy and prepare your ears on this one. HAHA.. Seriously! ;)

That’s the link of my craziness! HAHA.. And, below is an instant poem I made. I hope you’ll enjoy it somehow. Don’t worry, I’ll try to do something more well planned. HAHAHHA.. 


This song and poem are dedicated to someone, who holds a special place in my heart right now. Someone, I’m looking forward to spending some time, even a borrowed time will do. :) Take good care of yourself, MR. I miss you. 


A falling star I saw
A wish, I know I owe
Then I think of you
I wish you’re here, out of the blue

Thousand stars in the sky
Hoping a single star will let me fly
To wherever you are
To borrow even an hour

To be with you tonight
I’ll wish for that star so bright
Someday, we’ll be together
And watch those stars forever






Quote: 8/6/2014

Take confidence in everything you do.




As you can see in the pic, It was my birthday! Yes, I am 24 years young at heart! ;) The pic says it all, Nenskie there, challenged me to eat ‘balut’ (please do the googling, and see for yourself. :D ) Anyways, she said she’s gonna treat me to eat balut but I told her that I will eat when I’d be 25. I didn’t expect the cake but she did say, she’ll treat me to dinner. The cake came the last minute before we started eating. And, what can I say?? I was touched! I felt like crying for joy, I was overwhelmed! It was sooo..magic! lol. But seriously, I was really happy!

The last couple of months are really blissful! Every part of my life are going better, and I know it will be forwardly! :) To all my friends, facebook and personal, to my family, and to everyone who wishes me a Happy Birthday… I’d like to extend my gratitude! Thanks! I wish you all well too!



Lets rock 24! :)

Hey, I’m TIRED!

Spell my name? Well, you can spell it like, T-I-R-E-D! YES, that’s my new name. lol. I’m not kidding, WOW! I’m TIRED! But not that tired to vent on here. How’s everyone? I hope you’re all doing good there. Don’t be like me, take time to relax! Speaking of, I’m so looking forward for the weekend. I’m not going anywhere nor I will be going outside our house. I’ll be home. Plain and simple. I’ll stay at home, to regain my energy! I need my energy back!!! Give it back to me!! Please? *puppy eyes*


What’s happening, I feel like I’ve been outdated. Well, I’m trying to catch up, right? So, why don’t you all give me an update? C’mon, tell me, tell me!! :) I’ve got no time anymore, I’ll probably read your comments sometime again! But, of course, you are all in my prayers, everyday and night. So, take care everyone. :)

Just another thought to say

Yay, finally get to have a chance on posting here. Alright, what will I say this time? Uhh.. B-U-S-Y! I didn’t know that this will really eat my time. But I’m not complaining much but of course, I’m just excited! And, well.. I’m enjoying it, unexpectedly! A lot of things to learn!


I’ve learned a lot, so much that I can say, wow! Those are important! What I’m looking forward is the experience itself! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!! Don’t be so dirty minded, it’s not what you’re thinking! lol. But, it’s something new for me! :)


Of course, still looking forward to seeing YOU! :) In time, we’ll see each other. But for now, I’ll be thinking of you every second of a day. And, I’ll support you all the way like you are doing to me. WE CAN DO THIS! AJA! I MISS YOU soooooooo MUCH!


To everyone who misses me, I miss you too! Don’t worry, I’ll try to catch up on here! Keep safe everyone, especially those in my country, it’s typhoon season so be vigilant! I’ll keep safe myself! xoxo..

Be always Thankful

HelllloooooO? Are you there? Anybody here? Okay, it’s my bad to not post something on here. Lets just say that I’ve been acting like a busy bumble bee! Busy on what? who? where? when? how? Alright, take it one at a time.. I’m busy with my life. I’m busy with my family, with Mr. MP, with my friends, with everyone around me! I’m always busy and I believe I’d be so busy from time to time. How am I busy? Well, I can’t describe how but it’s something like making my life a better one.

Do I sound like I am so HAPPY? Mind you, I DO! I AM! YES! I can’t express it! I’m just so blessed! I’m very thankful! No, I’m not making this up, this is REAL! So,so, REAL! Am I dreaming?!? I know I’m not. ;)

I realized these past few days, Of course..I do realize things. HAHAHAHA. Anyways, what I realized, 1.) If you want something, you need to work for it. If it’s for you then it will come for you. If it’s not then it will never be. 2.) If it’s the right time,and if you are ready for it then believe it will be yours. 3.) If you want it but it’s not the right time yet then PATIENCE, you’ll learn to have it.

What else? Be always THANKFUL. No matter what is happening in your life, may it be good or bad (on your point of view), trust me, you’ll get something from it. :)

A Curse or what?

Is this a curse for being an eldest child? Is this a curse for taking the shoe of someone who left us? Is this a curse for being a girl? I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m trying my best not to tight them too much. I’m trying to be open minded as possible. That moment when you’re tired of trying and just let them face the consequences of their actions. YES, my mind keeps on telling me to let them learn their lesson on their own way but my heart just can’t let them be and watch them suffer of their wrong actions.


Can someone lend me a Time Machine?