I Live Life to Fullest,Laugh Out Loud and Love all the More

Thought for the Day: Go with the flow

Take time to be thankful. Appreciate every little thing that’s happening around you. Reflect on the things that’s bothering you. And, just go with the flow.

* I am really blessed, so much! It’s pouring and overwhelming! Thank you so much Lord!

I am mature now

I’ll do it the adult way. Because I’ve become more mature now. It’s a huge favor on my part, thank you for making it easier for me. :) I appreciate it, the least I can do is..make way for better things to come! Thank you again.

Thought for the Day: Be Yourself




Be inspired..Be you

I’m Beautiful, and so are you

I’m beautiful,and it’s time to face the truth… xP








Now listening to: You’re Beautiful – James BLunt


There’s a secret message on this post, if you can find out then, zip your mouth up! ;)

Free is Priceless

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Who says there’s nothing free in this world now? Lets rephrase that thought with, Free is Priceless! ;) The air, you breath. The love and more! One of the priceless relationship you can have is friendship. I can proudly say, I’ve got friends I wouldn’t dare trade with anything in this world! 

I say to you, I’ve got a few friends but who needs a lot of friends anyway? I’ve got friends, that can be count on my fingers but I can say without blinking that they are all I need. Real friends, who accept me for who I am and not trying to change me to please others. 

I really am proud that, I’ve got them for FREE! No amount, no money, no tag, no price involved! lol. ;) PRICELESS!

Thought for the Day: Contentment is Happiness



Be happy and content.

Thought for the Day: Always be thankful







Be Thankful..always!

Just another thought

I miss you all. But most of all, I miss someone deeply. 

Just another thought

I miss you all. But most of all, I miss someone deeply. 

Wish – Donna Cruz

When boredom strikes. I’ve recorded my voice, lol.. Please, don’t expect too much because I don’t have that golden voice and a lot of factors are affecting it. HAHA.. Well, this is just for fun, and it’s purely my voice with the keyboard. lol. I did something too, with my face on the video, but that’s a different story and that’s for someone special. Eeeeyyyt! <3 <3 <3 

Anyways, enjoy and prepare your ears on this one. HAHA.. Seriously! ;)

That’s the link of my craziness! HAHA.. And, below is an instant poem I made. I hope you’ll enjoy it somehow. Don’t worry, I’ll try to do something more well planned. HAHAHHA.. 


This song and poem are dedicated to someone, who holds a special place in my heart right now. Someone, I’m looking forward to spending some time, even a borrowed time will do. :) Take good care of yourself, MR. I miss you. 


A falling star I saw
A wish, I know I owe
Then I think of you
I wish you’re here, out of the blue

Thousand stars in the sky
Hoping a single star will let me fly
To wherever you are
To borrow even an hour

To be with you tonight
I’ll wish for that star so bright
Someday, we’ll be together
And watch those stars forever