I Live Life to Fullest,Laugh Out Loud and Love all the More

In Time

Not all wish will come true
If your wish isn’t meant for you
It must have been someone else’s star
Yours might be not too near or far

Just don’t give up on wishing
Someday,on its right timing
That falling star will be meant for you
Then, for sure your wish will come true

Let go of that wrong star
Patiently make yourself still
You will meet your own star
In God’s time and will

The Love of a Mother

The love of a mother is lasting
It is never,ever wasting
The love of a mother is beyond measure
But it is one thing that you can count for sure

The love of a mother is pure
Even to the child who is unsure
The love of a mother is priceless
No mother would love her child in less

The love of a mother is real and precious
Yes,you cannot fathom the love of a mother

I will continue and conquer!

Okay,so I thought about leaving this blog and continuing. Weighed things and I know,writing will always haunt me. A lot of happenings in my life and they’re all overwhelming. Yes,I forgive but not forget. Yes,I learned my lessons pretty in the hard ways but once I’ve learned,then I’ll take it with me forever. I don’t want to regret the things I’ve decided and the things I’m gonna make in the future. Thus,I’ve decided to continue writing,my life’s pretty open and now I’ll still be opening it up. Continuously,learning with the people around me. I’ll write poems as what my heart speaks.

I’ve no intentions on making my heart as heavy with regrets or thoughts on what would have happen because I’ve accepted that EVERYTHING HAPPENS for a REASON more or less. No,I will not make poems about love alone,or about him alone..I’ll make poems on how I feel. I’ve got lots on my mind now,I’ve got a lot to say and WORDPRESS will help me,like it always does. I am HAPPY and yes,I’ve made peace with my past and yes,I am making myself a better person. Not for someone but for my own self.

The TIME is NOW,and I am doing it now! Sooooo,YES I AM BACK! I might not post everyday but I will definitely write what I want to write. :)  THANK YOU to those who are still with me,and to those who unfollow me,Thank you more.


Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooord PRESS….I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis you soooooo much! Yes,I’ll be back on my rantings here and ventings everyone be PREPARED! Woooooooohoooooooo!