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It’s honesty full of Lying

I don’t know what I am writing
Surely these are words means their opposites
It’s honesty full of lying
Different from what it states

I say I don’t miss you but it means I miss you more
I say I hate you but it means I love you so
I say I am okay but it means I am not
I say I let you go but it means I am holding still

Until when, it’s hard to tell
How, I couldn’t spell
What, the way I am feeling
I am fine but I know there’s something

I couldn’t point it
I am with all honesty perfectly good
I know you can’t relate
It’s only me who feels this way, if only you would


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  1. enjoyed this…

  2. i love this post!

  3. I seek your approval, yet I know I truly seek my own…

  4. Aww I love this poem!

  5. I love this. Very creative. The words are almost confusing, but I can perfectly understand all you are saying and feeling in this. Nice work!

  6. Hi! Here is my poem, I think it would be a nice song too. It’s a start, but I like your poems instead! I need to practice some more >.<

    I have seen others hearts get hurt
    And I promised myself that it would not happen to me
    All these broken souls
    Made me afraid of seeing myself as one of their own

    I walk behind my shadow
    To remain unseen and unfound
    A very lonely path
    I sometimes wonder is it worth it?
    Hiding from everyone around me
    I know in the end I am hurting myself
    But somehow I feel comfort in knowing that no one else will

    This is me
    Walking with a shield over my heart
    Trying to keep it safe from all of the battles and wounds
    I never let anyone in
    And now I feel that I guarded my heart too long
    Maybe along the way I met someone that I never gave the chance
    Maybe he was the one
    But now I will never know

    • Wow, Hey Adri .. This is very wonderful poem and full of emotions!! I really,really love it.

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